Training Success Stories

Trapeze Las Vegas has the pleasure of working with countless tourists each year looking for a very Vegas experience, or to check something off their bucket list. In addition to those who are just swinging through – we get to work with a wide range of students – both recreationally and those who are working to achieve the dream of being a professional circus performer.  Here we would like to highlight some of our students and coaches whose training took place at TLV during the early stages of their professional development. Whether this is the spot they first climbed a silk – or the last place they swung out of lines before catching on with a show . . .we are proud of our place in their journey!

Lexi Eakin

Meet Lexi –

Lexi came to Trapeze Las Vegas with an extensive background in high level gymnastics and even before finishing high school she was on her way to the big time. . .or should we say BIG TOP!Read Lexi's Story

Nicole Weiss

Life is a Circus is a common phrase, but for Miss Nicole Taylor Weiss it is . . .literally. When the Weiss family came off the road and put down stakes in Las Vegas, it was the first time that 19-year-old Nicole had NOT lived on the road!…Read Nicole's Story