Trapeze Las Vegas has been the center of the circus community since 2012 when we began with just one flying trapeze class . . .flip on over to today. . . our two locations now offer over 100 classes each week. For the last seven years, we have dedicated ourselves to providing a hub for the study of both modern and traditional circus arts. From the very first day, the flying trapeze has been at the heart of Trapeze Las Vegas. Our students range from thrill seeking visitors, to current circus professionals. We have had students come to us and fulfill their dreams of going on to a professional flying trapeze career, students that have traveled from across the country to take a class at Trapeze Las Vegas and those who are local and have made TLV their home for fitness, fun and new friends. In addition, we offer youth classes and summer camps, ensuring that flying trapeze for all ages and skill levels will carry on for generations to come! We have met so many amazing people flying through. We’d love to share some of their stories with you! Meet our first, featured flyer:

Name:          Melissa Miles

Hometown: Chandler, AZ

Occupation: Surgeon 

Favorite Flying Trapeze Trick:    1 1/2 to legs 

Do you participate in any other circus activities/apparatus?: Duo Trapeze 

Fun Facts about you: I have a bulldog named Beetlejuice 

What prompted you to take up flying trapeze and what lead you to TLV?

There was a backyard rig near where I grew up and I had always wanted to try it. School and training made hobbies a little difficult for a while but on a whim while visiting Arizona for a job interview, I finally booked a class. I loved it! Shortly after I moved to Las Vegas and found TLV. I was a little nervous my first few classes but quickly became a regular. 

What role does flying trapeze play in your life?

Flying trapeze is a great hobby for me. It allows me to get out of my head for a little while and burn some energy. 

What trick are you currently working on?

Double back tuck 

Dream trick to catch?

Double layout 

What do you enjoy most about Trapeze Las Vegas?

I love the support at TLV. Everyone has their own strengths and goals and the programs are really tailored to make sure you get the most out of what you put in. Regardless If it’s your first knee hang or your first double catch, everyone will be celebrating your accomplishments. 

What would you say to someone interested in trying Flying Trapeze?

I encourage everyone to at least try trapeze once! There is an amazing sense of achievement and freedom even if you just take a swing! 

Melissa has been a welcome addition to our flying trapeze community! In addition, she has rapidly caught on to Duo Trapeze and her hard work, and great smile have become a part of each weekly practice. We look forward to helping Melissa achieve her goals in both Duo and on the Flying Trapeze. With her work ethic, and talent we look forward to celebrating with her as she catches her first double layout someday!