Flying Trapeze Private Lessons

Private lessons are an excellent way to receive individualized attention. These types of lessons can be adapted for both experienced flyers and first-timers who wish to have a more intimate flying experience. For those with previous flying experience, private lessons are a great way to learn new skills or work on reviewing and perfecting technique on existing skills. Whether your looking to work on your swing, learn a specific trick, or work on returns to the bar and pedestal; our highly experienced instructors can help you progress on your flying trapeze journey!

To book a lesson, send us an email including the date you would like to schedule, a brief description of what you would like to learn or work on and your experience level. With every lesson our goal is to match you with the best coaches to help you achieve your goals! See our email form below to schedule a lesson today.

Fly Safe – Covid-19 Private Flying Package – $500

Need to get out of the house but want to avoid crowds? Book a flying trapeze experience for you and your group, exclusive, physically distanced, masked, and covid-19 safe. Your group of 2-6* people can enjoy the fresh outdoor air and the amazing thrills of the Flying Trapeze in a fully private to your group session. This activity is appropriate for ages 8+ (48″) and great for beginners and experienced flyers. This is a fully private event and all staff and participants will be physically distanced, masked, with temperature checks and sanitation procedures in place.
Perfect for:
Birthday Parties, Bachelor & Bachelorette, Corporate Outings, Date Night, Friends or Parents Night Out, Customer or Client Appreciation, Teambuilding, Family Reunions or Outings, Incentive Gifts, Real Estate Housewarming Gifts, Wedding or Honeymoon Present, or just because!
– All first-time students are taught a trick called the “knee hang.” The session will begin with a quick demo, where you will be shown the positions and timing for the trick. After practicing these positions on a stationary bar, low to the ground, you will attempt them on a full-sized flying trapeze! During the first part of the session you will practice the knee hang position for execution and timing. During the second part of the session, if you’re ready, you will attempt a mid-air connection, the “catch,” with our catcher on the other side of the flying trapeze rig.

*Groups larger than 6 persons, contact us for pricing – Experienced Flyers looking for a custom curriculum of skill training should also contact us directly.

Individual Privates

Experienced flyers looking to up the ante on their training can schedule 1-hour private lessons that are tailored to their skill-set and goals. Trapeze Las Vegas has some of the best instructors with many years of experience to help you hone your technique and bring out your best. Contact us via email with your experience, goals, videos of current skills, and your preferred time and date ranges so that we can assist in setting up the perfect training for you.

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