Friday Featured Flyer

This featured flyer is a fan favorite at Trapeze Las Vegas! She may be quiet, but her tricks speak for themselves (and they are amazing!). She isn’t just a student at TLV, but rather a valuable member of the Trapeze Las Vegas family for the past five years. You can “catch” her at the Flying Trapeze, either flying or helping out with the youth classes or with her partner (more on that later) working out at the studio as a duo trapeze act. It is our pleasure to introduce to you our featured flyer: Tia Holden.

Name: Tia Holden

Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Occupation: Community Engagement Specialist

Favorite Flying Trapeze Trick: Cutaway half

Other circus activities/apparatus: Duo trapeze

What prompted you to take up flying trapeze and what lead you to TLV? I’ve never liked sports, and I’ve never liked exercising. During one summer while I was in college, I knew that I needed to find something to keep myself active and busy. I had tried flying trapeze once before, so I decided to jump in and give it a try again. Five years later…I’m still here

What role does flying trapeze play in your life (hobby, fitness, training for a pro career, etc.) and what are your goals? I have no intentions of ever becoming a professional. Flying trapeze allows me to do something that is a little active, while hanging out with some awesome people. Plus, flying trapeze will forever be the fun fact that I get to share with everyone when I am in the countless number of icebreakers at work each year

What trick are you currently working on?  I haven’t been working on anything specific lately. A double bird’s nest is the most recent trick that I’ve done consistently.

Dream trick to catch? Maybe, a cutaway half to legs…

What do you enjoy most about Flying Trapeze? About Trapeze Las Vegas? I love that flying trapeze allows me to shut my mind off. All I have to do is listen and not think. Flying trapeze is an escape. Trapeze Las Vegas is my second family. TLV creates an environment that blends serious training with silly laughter, and there is nothing quite like it

What would you say to someone interested in trying Flying Trapeze? Flying trapeze is easier than you think, and you will never have an experience that is more freeing. Just try it once, and you will understand why we all keep coming back. 

Do you have a memorable/funny/interesting story about your time at Trapeze Las Vegas? I met my husband at Trapeze Las Vegas, so I guess that was memorable..

Yes, Tia we agree that is memorable! We applaud your efficiency in making your duo trapeze partner your partner at home too!

Want to see Tia in action? In addition to appearing annually in the Bob Christians’ Day Flying Trapeze Show, Tia will also have an amazing duo act in the upcoming Trapeze Las Vegas show on October 19th, 2019. In the meantime click here to check out our YouTube Channel, featuring the fantastic, flying Mrs. Holden. While you are there subscribe so as not to miss any circus video fun!