Intensive Camper Spotlight

Summer at TLV = Camp, Camp and more CAMP! This year we are excited to offer nine weeks of camp. In addition to our amazing Circus Summer Camp that has grown each year, and has been SOLD out weekly – we have been pleased to offer Flying Trapeze Camp and TLV Intensive. Our studio has been filled with hard working circus kids, devoted coaches, applause, support, laughter and general circus merriment! Let’s meet one of our out of town campers who attended TLV Intensive in June, we were thrilled to meet her and can’t wait to have her fly with us again soon.


Meet the camper:

My name is Cheyenne and I am 17 years old. I live in San Luis Obispo Country and train at Levity Academy.

What apparatus(es) is your specialty?

My specialty apparatuses include Aerial Silks and the Aerial Lyra

How long have you been doing circus?

“I have been training circus for almost 5 years now!

How did you get started?

A friend invited me to join her at a class at my home studio (which was called Suspended Motion at the time), and I just completely fell in love with it. After my very first performance, I knew I wanted to do circus for the rest of my life.

What was your favorite part of intensive camp at TLV?

“My favorite part was seeing all the other camper’s performances on the very last day. It is amazing to watch everyone’s creative process and watch how differently everybody moves. Every single person has their own unique way of performing in the apparatuses and I know I can learn and grow from watching all these talented kids perform their hearts out.”

What set this camp a part from others you have attended?

“Everybody was so warm and welcoming and so incredibly supportive of each other. Everyone was so kind to one another and would jump at any opportunity to help another person struggling. All of the teachers were absolutely amazing and so eager to teach. I am an extremely shy person, I usually don’t talk a lot, but I felt so comfortable with every single person in there that I had no problem communicating.”

Did you have the opportunity to try anything new at camp (new apparatus, new tricks, etc.)?

“Definitely! Before this camp I hadn’t tried pole or flying trapeze, so I was somewhat nervous about that. I ended up loving every minute of it and I would love to come back and continue to train on the flying trapeze.”

Would you recommend this camp to others?

“Without a second thought.”