Silks Workshop with Brandon Scott Hansen

In the first workshops at TLV’s brand new studio location, US Aerial Silk Champion Brandon Scott teaches the theory and technique of one of the most fundamental and versatile positions on silks: the hipkey!

2:00 pm will be an all levels workshop which will focus on the mechanics, various means of entrance, and sequencing out of the hipkey. Students with also work on hipkey-specific conditioning, as well as spinning.

4:00 pm will be an intermediate workshop, with the prerequisite of strong hipkeys and straight-arm inversion at the top of the silk, for admission. Hipkey rollups and other more advanced techniques will be covered, as well as Brandon’s very favorite aerial drop, the Double Salto!

Workshops are $50, or $80 for both (4 hours of training time for the price of 1 private!) Call, or click below to sign up now! Limited Space!