The Circus is Back in Town!

COVID-19 Update

Trapeze Las Vegas is excited to reopen to the public today. We have been running mock classes with our coaches and volunteers to ensure all staff is trained in our industry-recognized and government required COVID-19 mitigation procedures. We have done an immense amount of research and believe that for the immediate future, our customers are safest and best served by holding all sessions at our OUTDOOR location, 121 E. Sunset Road, Las Vegas NV 89119. This is also at the request of our circus families. Risk mitigation experts in the circus industry are warning about recycled air blown about by fans, swamp coolers and AC units as a possible method of viral droplet and aerosol spray transmission. TLV has been told that we are possibly in the best position in the country to reopen because of our outdoor facility. We have an exciting hybrid program rolling out, which includes fresh air aerial/circus sessions and open gym, happening early morning and after sundown. This is complemented by online dance and fitness classes, which are offered mid-day in the comfort of your home. Unless current recommendations change, public classes at the Studio will only resume when we have researched and implemented the methods and precautions proven to be effective to offer you the cleanest, freshest indoor air possible in a group setting. Reopening indoors any other way would be irresponsible with the health of our customers, coaches and admin. Anyone curious about our risk mitigation documents and procedures is welcome to request an email copy. Gym customers have a right to ask a facility how they are screening fellow patrons and preventing virus transmission through the HVAC system.

We are currently offering open training, privates in many disciplines and other classes to come. Please submit the form below to be placed on our interest list as class spaces open up. You may visit THIS LINK to reserve your open training as well as our social distancing compliant Flying Trapeze classes. Classes are currently on a 3-week term basis and our next courses start in June! Get on the list early. As always, contact us with any and all questions.

– The Trapeze Las Vegas Team

Class Interest

  • If you were referred by a current client, please let us know – We love and reward referrals!
  • Please tell us about your (or your child’s) previous experience, previous experience is not required! We offer training for beginners as well as those with existing aerial or circus skills. Knowing a bit about your activities such as dance, athletics, or other activities helps us assist you in finding the right class experience 🙂
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