Trampoline & Trampwall Classes

Traditional Trampoline as well as Trampwall classes are offered for all ages. Specialized trampoline training is available catered towards tumblers, flying trapeze students, and trampwall students. Not all classes are offered each session but are available on-demand for some skills. Please contact us for availability and session dates. A minimum of two students is needed to hold some classes. Call: 702-551-4858 or Email Us

Trampwall Youth and Teens

Students will learn the skills essential to safe basics of trampoline and how to progress to moves using the wall. Trampwall is a fun, unique combination of a traditional trampoline with acrobatic moves performed by pushing off an adjacent wall. Skills are performed by bouncing on the trampoline as well as off the walls with hands, feet, and incorporating flips and dives. Trampwall has been seen in many of Cirque du Soleil shows all over the world and is an exciting athletic activity for all ages. Our trampwall features a low and high wall for variety in training. Beginner and advanced groups are offered so please contact us for details so we can correctly place the student.


Traditional and basic trampoline skills are taught in this lesson with the availability of safety lines for learning flips and advanced moves when needed. This class is excellent for tumblers, flying trapeze students, bungee trapeze students, and anyone wanting to hone their body control and air awareness. It is also an excellent stand-alone skill for general air awareness, body control, and fitness.